AUW Leadership

The Association of Universalist Women of Minnesota (AUW) is affiliated with First Universalist Church of Minneapolis and with the Unitarian-Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF).

Board of Directors

AUW is governed by a board of directors made up of seven to eleven members. Officers of the board are President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2015-2016 AUW Board of Directors

Here’s a list of all 11 AUW Board Members and a few of their roles.

Valerie Garber: President
Meredith Smith: Treasurer;
Jeanne Verdick: Secretary;
Melody Werner: AUW Newsletter Editor
Ann Styx
:  Membership
Jane Hallas:
Jean Ramlow:
Rita Peterson:
Sydney Dunitz:


Look for us in the Social Hall on Sundays and say hi !

How We Work Together

To inspire us to manifest our highest values in our work together, in the fall of 2007, AUW board members developed a powerful AUW Board Covenant. We invite other groups to use or adapt our covenant.

In support of our AUW mission to build community, deepen our spiritual lives, and act for social justice, we covenant together to create a beloved community that embraces the values of a “Spirit of Hospitality”. These shared values include:
– listening and responding deeply, with openness, honesty and care
– trusting in good faith and intention, and speaking well of one another
– respecting differences and accepting boundaries and acting to resolve conflict
– acknowledging and honoring the accomplishments of others, including those who have come before us
– acting with kindness, support, patience, and forgiveness
– intentionally weaving spiritual practices in our meetings and gatherings
– working collaboratively, productively, and responsibly with joy
In the spirit of friendship, we commit to working to fulfill AUW’s vision, purpose and goals.

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