About AUW

AUW has been a dynamic force in the life of First Universalist Church of Minneapolis since 1905! Generations of women have gathered under our umbrella to connect with each other, to deepen our faith and act on our beliefs by serving the community.
We are about community building…
AUW sponsors activities for members and friends to promote our three pillars—community building, spiritual deepening, and bringing our faith to action to work for women’s justice.

Annual Events

AUW hosts a variety of women-centered programs and events open to all friends and members of AUW…

  • Fall Kickoff
  • Fall Mini-Retreat
  • Winter Tea
  • Spring Women’s Retreat
  • Spring Dinner & Annual Meeting
  • Friendship Groups
  • Get Connected Activities

The mission of AUW is to “creating community, deepening our spirit, and bringing UU faith to action on behalf of women.”

We are about bringing our faith to action in the world on behalf of women…
AUW has a proud and visible history of fighting for and defending women’s rights. AUW women like Dru Cummins, Betty Benjamin, and Sharon Bishop played national roles in the struggle. In 2006, Betsy Allis led a special AUW task force which engaged UU women in discerning our vision and strategy around women’s justice. We are now focused on two main issues: (1) Women’s Reproductive Rights in coordination with Reverend Kelli Clement, Executive Director of Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (MN RCRC) www.mnrcrc.org and and (2) Women’s Voting Rights through the Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA) www.muusja.org Voting Rights Working Group and co-chair Jenny Thomas.

And we are about contributing to our church and the larger community…
AUW proudly supports our First Universalist Community with monetary contributions that have included the labyrinth, items for the kitchen and most recently an ensemble of gifts commissioned for our child dedication ritual. Our contributions have also been in-kind —developing women leaders, mentoring young women, and continually initiating and incubating innovative ideas and programs. AUW members also contribute to Hats for the Homeless lead by Barb Melom who knit for charity and have been gathering for years to knit items to be passed on to others; be it a warm scarf, a Mother Bear, or gifts to be given to newborns.  AUW is also a member of the UU Women’s Federation, a UU sister organization, and to various women’s advocacy organizations in the Twin Cities.

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