Women Who Read – Annual Book Selection Meeting

June is here and it’s time for our annual Book Selection Meeting!  We decided to meet at the church this time, both to welcome the daytimers, and to make the meeting more accessible to newcomers.  We will meet in the Cummins room on June 26 for our usual potluck at 630, discussion at 730.  Kit Ketchum will serve as host and bring wine.

The agenda for the evening is to select next year’s books.  Each person may recommend 1 or 2 books, by sending a short (one paragraph) description to Kit (kitketchum@hotmail.comby June 18th.  Velma and Kit will assemble the recommendations for voting.  Please remember that your book is more likely to be selected if you are present to speak to its merits, and if the library has multiple copies of it.

Qualifications:  must be a book you have read all the way through; must be a female author.  If it’s on the list of books we have already read over the past 21 years,  and the group votes it in, we’ll read it.

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