Invite everyone to come to a presentation on: The Dynamics of Prostitution & Sex Trafficking in Minnesota

Invite everyone to come to a presentation on:

The Dynamics of Prostitution &

Sex Trafficking in Minnesota


Sponsored by Association of Universalist Women (AUW)

Thursday, May 21, 7 pm, Chalice Room
First Universalist Church

Join us as we look in-depth at the system of sex trafficking in Minnesota:

  • Why do girls turn toward prostitution/sex trafficking?
  • How society promotes and supports sexual exploitation
  • How demand is driving the market
  • Methods of recruitment
  • Barriers to escape
  • Consequences for offenders
  • What can we do?

Breaking Free is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and providing services to victims of sexual exploitation who need assistance escaping violence. Sexual exploitation distorts the lives of women and girls, destroys families, and undermines the fabric of communities.

Our speaker is Joy Friedman, Training and Outreach Director.  Joy became involved in sex trafficking as a teen, completed the Breaking Free program, and has worked on the staff for 17 years. She also serves as liaison to the St Paul Police Human Trafficking Task Force and the FBI.

AUW is offering to match donations up to $1000 

made to Breaking Free. Bring your checkbook!

“Prostitution is not the world’s oldest profession. 

It is the world’s oldest oppression.”
Vednita Carter, Founder and Director, Breaking Free

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