AUW Friendship Group Kick-Off Event – January 30th, 7 pm.

January 2014

  • AUW Friendship Group Kick-Off Event – January 30th, 7 pm.

    Friendship Groups are a long-standing tradition of AUW and its members. On January 30 at 7pm we will meet in the Social Hall to discuss the form and future of these groups.

    Are you in a successful friendship group? Come share your secrets of success.  Have you been in a group that did not seem to go well?  Come share your ideas to make future groups succeed.  Are you new to friendship groups? Come tell us your vision and meet others who share it.

    We will be looking at traditional group structures, and we will work together to create new ways to develop groups that fit the needs of our members. We will also have some fun getting to know each other.

    Please join us on January 30th and bring a dessert to share with the group.

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