Important Info for the Spring Retreat

The AUW Spring Retreat is 11 days away!  Here is important info to know ahead of time.

See the full schedule of activities online.  If link doesn’t work, copy this into browser: 

This year, Massage and Spiritual Advisor appointments can be booked in advance online. There are two masseuses and two spiritual advisors with a total of 46 massage sessions and 10 spiritual advisor appointments, respectively. We are trying advanced booking in order to make the very best use of their time. 

Click here to see Appointment Booking Schedule and Fee Info. You can sign up right on this Google document by adding your name in the time slot desired. This document lives “in the cloud” and any change made to it is automatically saved. Whenever you open it, you will see what time slots remain.  Any slots not filled in advance will be open for booking in person at the Retreat at the Welcome Table.

By the way, Massage appts are available starting 3pm Fri — start your weekend early!

See the Retreat page
for essential info about:
— what to bring
— Koinonia Center amenities and location
— driving directions from Twin Cities

Here are some recommended items to bring for certain workshops in 2013:

  • Nature Walk – sturdy walking shoes, long pants, hat, binoculars, rain gear.
  • Sing-a-long – “Rise Up Singing” book if you have it.
  • What Are You Reading? – book recommendations.
  • Knitting 101 class – size 8 needles (some needles & yarn will be provided).
  • Knitting Clinic – current project or swatches and needles to practice techniques.
  • Peace Stories – notebooks & pens
  • Photography – bring any kind of camera; phone camera is fine.
  • Astronomy – astronomy app on smart phone/tablet if you have one.
  • Writing Workshop – journal/notebook & pen.
  • Needle Felting – all supplies are provided, but if you have your own you are welcome to bring them.
  • Easy Yoga – yoga mat

Here’s a list of tasks at Koinonia that need doing to set up our fabulous weekend. Please consider coming a couple hours early to help!  If you have a friend or acquaintance coming to the Retreat, why not ask them to do one of these tasks with you?

Please sign up for one here (online google doc)You will get a friendly reminder prior to Fri April 12th. THANK YOU!

  • 4-5 people to help put up decorations 2pm – 4.30pm. Decorating Planning team has everything ready to assemble & place!
  • 2 people to set up materials for the Welcome Table & Lobby 3pm – 4pm
  • 1 or 2 people to staff the Welcome Table and hand out packets 4pm – 6pm
  • 1 person to greet folks in Lobby 4pm – 6pm. [Not totally necessary but really nice]
  • 2 people to help Debbie Cash unload art materials & set up the Art Room. Time TBD.
  • 2 people to help Debbie Cash pack up art materials on Sunday after lunch.
  • 2 people to help Debbie load her car on Sunday afternoon.


  • We ask each guest to bring their own shawls or scarves, plus one to lend! 
  • There will be no candle-lit night-time labyrinth this year. Two day-time slots for self-led groups have been scheduled. If you wish a night-time walk (which is very cool), we recommend a bringing strong flashlight, as it is very dark!  The stars are amazing from that field, too.
  • There are no set times for Bonfire and Sauna. These must be lit and managed on your own; please feel free to ask about it!

Per usual, you will find out your assigned room and room-mate(s) when you pick up your Welcome Packet at Koinonia Center.  For those of you who requested a specific room-mate or a particular need, every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your request.



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