40th Anniversary Roe v. Wade

1st U friends and Dr Willie Parker, the featured speaker, Jan 22, 2013. (Four other First U member and friends not included in this photo).

Back row: Bob Benjamin, Chris Bremer, Deborah Talen, Dan Berg, Tracy Yue. Middle row: Cathy Coult, Kristin Siegesmund, Meredith Schonfeld-Hicks, Susan Schonfeld, Rev. Kelli Clement, Dr Willie Parker, Suzann Willhite, Welcome Jerde, Jenny Thomas. Front row: Cathy Apostle, Cathy Pernu, (next 4 are kneeling) Pam Vincent, Dave Thomas, Sara McMullen, Jody Beresford and (standing) Laura Smidzik.

A large and lively group of AUW members and First Universalists turned out in force to mark the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade at an event organized by the MN Coalition for Choice at UMN McNamara Alumni Center on Jan 22, 2013.

Besides our friends pictured above, there were four other First U member and friends, Rev. Dana Reynolds the minister of Michael Servetus church, and members of FUS who attended the celebration.

Dr Willie Parker, standing in the center, was the keynote speaker. He is a practicing OBGYN of 25 years who decided to provide abortion services at the last abortion clinic in Mississippi (and other such clinics in the American South). His remarks can be downloaded (as a PDF) here: ROE remarks.

AUW is a founding member of the MN Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (MNRCRC), now headed by Rev. Kelli Clement, who gave the closing blessing at the celebration.

Rev. Kelli delivered a powerful sermon, “From Choice to Justice”, at First Universalist on Jan 27th.  We hope to be able to post her remarks as a downloadable PDF soon!


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