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Join Now MN on August 26th to Help Spread the Word about the ERA on Women’s Equality Day!

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified on August 26, 1920, granting women the right to vote. In 1971, Congress honored this historic milestone by designating August 26th as Women’s Equality Day. We’ve come a long way since 1920 (and even 1971) but it’s 2017 and women still do not have full equality under our Constitution.

“How can this be?”, you might be thinking. Well, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which was championed by Alice Paul and others after women won the right to vote, was passed by Congress in 1972 but was only ratified by 35 of the required 38 states before the deadline.

Some may wonder why we need the ERA after all of the progress we’ve made over the past (almost) century. The reality is, while there are many great laws on the books, they can be easily undone. Some are full of holes, many are not enforced, and they are open to wide interpretation and application.

This is why we still need the Equal Rights Amendment. Let’s finish what our foremothers started! We need EVERYONE’s support if we’re going to win the fight for constitutional equality.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Get educated. Check out these web sites to learn more about the status of the ERA and what you can do:,,

Contact your elected representatives and let them know that the ERA is vital to ensuring equal rights for women. While Minnesota has already passed the federal ERA, there’s still work that can be done at the state level. Find out who your elected representatives are here, then make some calls to their offices.

Attend the screening of “Equal Means Equal”, co-sponsored by ERAMN and Minnesota NOW, on August 26th @ 7:00 pm at the Humphrey School’s Cowles Auditorium. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.
Join the Minnesota NOW Constitutional Equality Committee and help us educate others about the need for the ERA. We’ll be handing out leaflets at entrances to the Minnesota State Fair on August 26th. This will be a FUN event! Some of us plan to wear period outfits, so come and celebrate Women’s Equality Day with us! (Costumes encouraged but not required.) For more information and to volunteer for a two-hour shift, please contact Gordy Gustafson at

Don’t have time to help? Your donation will help us fund these efforts. Donate NOW!

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Summer Shindig at Jane’s House!

Please join us for an AUW Summer Shindig at Jane’s house! Bring a dish to share and be ready for an evening of laughter and fun! You can even pay your membership dues that night.

When:Friday, July 14, 5 pm
Where: 5920 Queen Ave. So. Minneapolis, 55410

You can reach Jane at 414-550-5869

*FYI- there is a dog on the premises in case you have allergies.

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Volunteers Needed for Augsburg Fairview Academy’s Clothing Closet!

We are seeking volunteers  to support the Augsburg Fairview Academy (AFA) Clothing Closet beginning in the Fall of 2018.  Duties involve bringing donations from our church to AFA, organizing the closet, keeping track of what is needed, and helping with special clothing drives like winter coats.

The volunteer opportunity lasts the school year – September through early June.  The work needs to be done in day hours during the work – Fridays are particularly good.  AFA is located at 2504 Columbus Ave So (one block east of Park Ave) near Abbot Northwestern Hospital and the Swedish Institute.  There is parking on the street and the neighborhood feels very safe.  The school  is in  the education building of Messiah Lutheran Church.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, contact Cindy Marsh at or 612.377.6789.  Many thanks to Joyce Case and Rita Franchett who staffed the Clothing Closet for 5 years – it is a fun job, just ask them!

*Augsburg Fairview Academy (AFA) is a public charter high school for students who have not been successful in the public schools.  Many of the students are homeless or marginally housed.  AFA is one of First Universalist’s endorsed community partners and we have been working with them for five years.  At the students request, First Universalist established a Hope Food Closet and Hope Clothing Closet within the school – we are the primary supporter of these “closets”.

Food and Clothing donations are not needed until fall.  School is out June 8 and there is no summer session at AFA.  Thank you for your generosity throughout the school year!

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Women Who Read – Annual Book Selection Meeting

June is here and it’s time for our annual Book Selection Meeting!  We decided to meet at the church this time, both to welcome the daytimers, and to make the meeting more accessible to newcomers.  We will meet in the Cummins room on June 26 for our usual potluck at 630, discussion at 730.  Kit Ketchum will serve as host and bring wine.

The agenda for the evening is to select next year’s books.  Each person may recommend 1 or 2 books, by sending a short (one paragraph) description to Kit (kitketchum@hotmail.comby June 18th.  Velma and Kit will assemble the recommendations for voting.  Please remember that your book is more likely to be selected if you are present to speak to its merits, and if the library has multiple copies of it.

Qualifications:  must be a book you have read all the way through; must be a female author.  If it’s on the list of books we have already read over the past 21 years,  and the group votes it in, we’ll read it.

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